Posted by: gschloesser | June 1, 1971

Formula De Mini

This streamlined version of Formula De is fast and exciting, but still needed a few tweaks.

After playing Formula De Mini, I saw no need to keep my original Formula De set.  This new version contains all of the excitement of the original, but eliminates a lot of the “fiddly” aspects … and it plays in half the time. 

Still, there were a few aspects of the new version that we didn’t care for.  So, we now play with the following modifications:

1)  STARTING CHIPS.  Each player begins the game with 15 chips, not the 20 recommended in the rules.  We have found that this makes for a MUCH tighter game, with more important decisions.

2)  PIT STOP.  These rules are really strange.  So, we have modified them as follows:

When a player enters the pits, he stops and does nothing on the turn in which he arrives.  On his next turn, he rolls the RED 3RD GEAR dice and acquires that many new chips.  He then may depart the pits in either 1st, 2nd or 3rd gear on the FOLLOWING turn.  Or, if he prefers, he may remain in the pits for another turn and again roll the RED 3RD GEAR dice to acquire more chips.  At most, he can only roll the die twice while in the pits.

3) STALL RULE.  We have eliminated the Stall / Fast start rule.  We found this to be too much of a disadvantage for the victims of a poor start roll.

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