Posted by: gschloesser | September 1, 1970

Risk 2210 A.D.

Ralf Brechtel from Germany has devised several variants for this Avalon Hill release.

The ‘new’ Avalon Hill released this original game based on the system utilized in the classic game of Risk.  The game makes several substantial changes and is quite fun to play.  However, there are some flaws in the game and several folks have attempted to devise mechanisms which fix these flaws and improve the game.

Ralf Brechtel lives in southern Germany (lucky guy!) and is a fan of all types of games.  He and his gaming group have devised some variants they use when playing Risk 2210 A.D.  With his permission, I’m passing them on here.

ARMY PLACEMENT:  At the beginning of the game, each player places armies in the following number of countries, depending upon the number of players:

3 Players:    12 countries
4 Players:      9 countries

Each player places two armies in each country, so that everyone begins the game in a similar position.  This prevents the start player from beginning the game with an abundance of armies in one territory and rampaging across the map, devastating one or more players. 

TURN ORDER:  Players no longer bid for turn order.  Instead, on the first turn the start player is determined at random.  Thereafter, we use a set turn order sequence based on the following chart:

3 Players

Turn 1:  1/2/3
Turn 2:  2/3/1
Turn 3:  3/1/2
Turn 4:  1/2/3
Turn 5:  1/3/2

4 Players:

Turn 1:  1/2/3/4
Turn 2:  2/4/1/3
Turn 3:  4/3/2/1
Turn 4:  3/1/2/4
Turn 5:  3/4/1/2

5 Players


Ralf considers this to be very balanced as it prevents a player who is last in one round from going first again in the following round. 

ENERGY:  Every turn, each player receives only 1/2 of the energy they are entitled to, rounded up.  This makes energy scarcer and makes the decisions on who to utilize it much tougher.  Less energy makes resource management much more important.

If utilizing this method, Ralf suggests that you lower the cost of space stations to 3 energy.

COMMAND CARDS:  Players may only purchase a maximum of 2 Command cards per turn.  This reduces the number of cards involved in the game.

It has been Ralf’s experience that these changes make for a faster game and one in which the decisions to be made are much more agonizing and difficult.  The potential downside is that for some players, fewer cards present in the game will mean less reinforcements and less units on the board. 

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