Posted by: imaginician | January 5, 2013

What was your favorite game of 2012 (or most anticipated of 2013)?


With one or two game nights a week (we sometimes play on Saturday) and a couple of gaming events, like Gen Con or Gulf Games, we play lots of games each year. Most of us, myself included, enjoy trying new games throughout the year, although many older classics (from, like, 2011) will also get played.
Fortunately, many new games do make very strong impressions and continue to get played from year to year.
There are still many games that came out last year that I haven’t played (the Mayan calendar game for one, and many other Essen releases) but among the games that I did play from last year I would have to say that these are my favorites:
1. Lords of Waterdeep (9) – A terrific worker placement game in the vwin of Caylus (the game that started the trend of worker placement games) but somewhat lighter. And it is has a great theme.
2. Ginkgopolis (9) – Not officially released yet in the US, but one of the best games that officially came out last year, but I didn’t play until this year. I will be buying a copy as soon as I can. The game features special player powers, tile laying, minimal resource management, and area control all combine nicely in this game set 100 years from now where players are competing to expand and exploit the city of Ginkgopolis to make it even better.
3. Android: Netrunner (9) – a great 2 player game that relaunched this year. The asymetric play, interesting card interactions, and well integrated cyperpunk theme make this one of the best two player games EVAR. :)
4. DC Comics Deckbuilding Game (9) – A relatively simple deck building game with a great theme, which makes this a favorite of mine. Easier to teach them some other deckbuilders, but it still has interesting decisions to make along the way.
5. Legendary the Marvel Comics Deckbuilding Game (8.5) – More complex then DCCDG, which makes it both better and worse then that title. Setup and cleanup and much more involved, game play is good but doesn’t scale as well as DC.
6. Chaos and Alchemy (8.5) –  Light, somewhat chaotic (yes, really), card game that can end on the first time, but it is also has interesting card interactions and just enough strategy to make it worth the 20 minutes you spend playing it.
7. Fleet (8) – Unusall theme (managing a fishing fleet in the arctic ocean), but a very good game of bidding, special powers and resource collection. Plays in about an hour. (and iI do not normally like games with bidding)
8. ESCAPE (8) – The best 10 minute long game I’ve ever played! The tense, simultaneous game play is really addictive fun.
9. Seasons (8) – The second best two player game of 2012. And a very good 3 and 4 player game. One part Magic the Gathering, one part dice game, and one part (dice) drafting, and a smatteriing of other things make this relatively (45 mins to 1.5 hour) game a great selection for game night.
10. Sunrise City (8)  – An abstract game about being a city planner using special powers each turn, bidding on building locations, and trying to maximize points when you place new building floors. One of our better games acquired via a Kickstarter.


  1. There are still anumber of games from 2012 that I have not gotten to play – Empires of the Void, Rolling Freight, X-Wing, Marvel deck-builder, and Terra Mystica to name a few. However, of those I played, here are my favorites:

    In no particular order:
    Descent Second Edition – streamlined rules, shorter play length, and fantastic miniatures
    Lords of Waterdeep – fun theme and simple to teach mechanics
    Libertalia – tricky pirate game
    Seasons – gorgeous art, unique mechanics
    Merchant of Venus – perfect reprint (two games in one)
    Village – I love it when meeples can die
    Tzolkin – Complicated but intriguing. Gears are more than a gimmick.
    DC Deck-builder – easy, fast, and fun
    Netrunner LCG- very complex, but its theme and mechanics mesh nicely.
    Star Wars LCG – awesome two player conflict with deep strategy (It was a good year for Fantasy Flights and its LCGs)

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