Posted by: imaginician | August 10, 2012

Game Conventions – What’s the Big Deal?


Game Conventions are a great way to meet new friends, try new games, explore other geeky pursuits, or just relax for a few days with like minded individuals.

However, there are many considerations, and preparations, to make before attending a gaming convention.

Like gamers, game conventions come in a variety of sizes. Smaller local events might only last a day while larger events might last three or four days. Also, some conventions are open to anyone who would like to attend, while others are only for those who are invited to attend. Some focus on only one aspect of gaming, such as board gaming or RPGs, while others host events around many different geeky pursuits: from Anime (Japanese Animation) to Writing seminars.

Once you have decided you want to attend a game convention the next step is to figure out the following:

  1. What type of events happen at conventions? An overview of the various types of events that happen at cons.
  2. Which convention to attend? List, and brief description, of a variety of conventions.
  3. How much does it cost? Some of the costs associated with attending a convention.
  4. What to bring? Suggestions about the items you should not leave home without.

I will be posting separate entries to help answer each of the above questions. This will allow each post/list to be updated easily so they will continue to be useful well into the future.

Also, watch for posts starting next week in which I will be blogging about our experiences at the 45th annual Gen Con game convention which will be held in Indianapolis next week from Thursday August 16th to Sunday August 19th.

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