Posted by: Zach Smith | February 4, 2012

SAGA Game Night: February 3rd

Once again SAGA had an excellent night of gaming.  Big group = Terry, Kelsey, TJ, Zach, Andrea, Ricky, Jayson, Elizabeth, Lemuel, and Gabriel attended.  We played a nice batch of games.  Here is what went down:

Airlines Europe – Zach taught this game to 5 new players, and everyone ended up really liking this slick game of route building and share buying.  Easy to teach and fun to play, plus the components look great.

Alien Frontiers – The Kickstarter darling was a close game, but Andrea edged out her brother in a tiebreaker victory.  Thanks to TJ for teaching this one.

Survive! – As always, there were lots of cheers and jeers and laughs.  A wonderful family game with a mean streak.

Puerto Rico Anniversary Edition – Terry brought this nice looking new version of Puerto Rico.  New look, but same classic gameplay.  Lemuel’s plantation was the most prosperous.

Lord of the Rings LCG – Zach and Gabriel really like this 2 player card game.  Great use of Lord of the Rings theme backed with solid, tense gameplay.  We played the Hunt for Gollum quest and beat it quite handily (which is rare).

Incan Gold – Last game of the night was a fun race for jewels in the Incan temple full of dangers.  Congrats to TJ and Zach for coming out with their packs loaded with the most treasure.

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