Posted by: Zach Smith | December 4, 2011

SAGA Session Report for December 2nd

SAGA is the Southern Appalachian Gamers Association, aka the East Tennessee Gamers that live in the Tri-Cities.

We had a really fun game night this week.  Sheila, Charlie, Gabe, Terry, Andrea, and Zach (me) played the following games.

We started the night with Martian Dice, a press you luck dice game similar to Zombie Dice.  The players take on the role of aliens collecting cows, chickens, and humans while avoiding tanks.  Lady luck was with Zach, who returned to his homeworld a victor.

Next the group played Darjeeling, a game about collecting and shipping tea.  This game features some interesting mechanics, including player movement on a puzzle-like board and an ever changing tea price gauge consisting of marbles on a slider.  Once again fortune smiled on Zach as needed tea crates kept falling in his lap, giving him an early lead  that he was able to hold on to just long enough to win.

Third, we played Race for the Galaxy, a game that always elicits lively discussion between the lovers and the haters.  After much friendly quibbling over complexity, card iconography, and the merits of Eminent Domain vs. Race, Sheila amassed the largest amount of victory points and enthroned herself Master of the Universe.  Maybe we should have debated less and strategized more!

The final game was Citadels.  Many players were new to this game, so it took some time to get the ball rolling, but everyone had a great time building, assassinating, and thieving.  Andrea edged out Terry for the win.  Long live Queen Andrea.

As always, we had a great time together, and the BBQ wasn’t too bad either. Happy Holidays from SAGA to the other ET Gamers.


  1. Sounds like a great night of gaming!

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