Posted by: Zach Smith | September 13, 2011

Battlestar Galactica: Session Report

On Labor Day, 5 friends and I played Battlestar Galactica, one of our favorite games.  Most of us have seen the show, so we really get into this game.  The Cylons won an overwhelming victory for several reasons.

First, our starting Admiral was also a Cylon, so he kept choosing bad destination cards each time we jumped the ship.  After four jumps, we had only traveled 5 distance!  We discovered he was a Cylon in the second half of the game, but by then the damage was done.  The game is very tough for the humans if the Admiral starts the game as a Cylon.

Second, my wife accidentally played a negative skill card on an early skill check, giving false evidence that she was a Cylon.  She spent most of the game trying to convince everyone that she was a human (which she was).  This was a very humorous element to this game, and it was a circumstance we will joke about for some time to come.

Third, we played with a few elements from the Pegasus expansion.  We used the new characters, crisis cards, and the Pegasus ship.  We did not use New Caprica or the Cylon leaders.  Still, we think the expansion makes it more difficult for the humans.  While the Pegasus has some strong firepower, the tough crisis cards and treachery cards are great boons for the Cylons.  All in all, I like the game more with just the base game.


  1. We should probably play this together. It’s tough to build a cooperative game that remains engaging for 2-3 hours, but Battlestar Galactica succeeds by inserting saboteurs: who is a Cylon and how do you win despite their treason? The conflicting missions generate tension and even glorious paranoia, and it’s a winner. I give it a 7/10 and you’re probably hilarious in this. Add Nathan and Richard and you’ve got gaming gold.

    • I would love to play BSG again. I played it 5 times the first month I had a copy and only a few times since. We should plan a night for it.

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