Posted by: marksmithtn | August 25, 2011

Rune Age – Thoughts

By:  Mark Smith

The only thing I played on Thursday was Rune Age, which I would give a 6. The main differences I saw between it and the other deck-builders I’ve played were:

a) it has three types of currency – money, strength and influence, each of which is acquired using various combinations of the other two. I like that idea.

b) each player plays one of four different races, each of which has different available cards and abilities.

It also has direct player conflict, a variety of scenarios, and an “event” card mechanism, all of which should combine to keep it from playing the same way every time. It might benefit from repeated plays, but I’m not sure it was compelling enough to muscle its way back to the table.


  1. I too like the variety of “currency” and the multiple ways to play with the scenarios. However, it lacks variety within each faction. I think an expansion with more faction cards and neutral cards is a must for this game. I have no doubt Fantasy Flight will oblige.

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