Posted by: gschloesser | February 1, 1971

Krieg und Frieden

Gerard Mulder, designer of Krieg und Frieden, has contributed the following official variants:


This is designed to give the player who builds the final section of the cathedral an increased chance of winning.  (Editor’s Note:  I certainly don’t think this is necessary!).


1) Remove the following three problem cards from the deck:

 War / Cathedral; Famine / Cathedral; Tax / Privilege

2) Start the game with the usual problem card.

3) Give each player 3 or 4 cards depending on the number of players.

4) Give points for the cathedral as usual and give each builder of a piece of the cathedral a    privilege.


This is intended to make the game less harsh for beginners who find themselves playing against more experienced players.


Privileges may only be taken from other players if they have at least as many victory points as you do.


You can also combine these two variants and add a further element to the mix by allowing players to choose their basic income cards instead of just drawing them from the face down deck.

Another gamer, Noel Dillabough has found similar problems as to what I have described in my review.  His gaming group experimented with a few variants and found that it vastly improved the game.  Here are Noel’s comments:

The first problem is that the game encourages “Picking on the little guy”, with knights pillaging.  How we fixed this is that you get 1/3 of the victim’s resource cards when pillaging, rounded up.  This is different than the normal two cards from the deck as called for in the original rules.  In this way, a person with hardly any cards gives away 1 card, while someone with many cards can give up 2 or even 3 cards.

The second problem was the last turn being worth so much.  We simply changed the scale from 1-1-1-2-2-3 to 2-2-2-3-3-4, with privileges worth 2 points each, as suggested by Stuart Dagger.

Finally, if someone ended up with very few cards for some reason, even though they may have made an income, they ended up not having any choices or chance in the later rounds.  We extended the King’s bounty to include anyone with less than 5 cards and a harvest of two or less cards.  They then could steal from anyone else who possessed 5 or more cards.  The amount they could steal is 1/2 of the victim’s cards, rounded down, but the victim received a King’s privilege.  This one is a bit more controversial.

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