Posted by: gschloesser | April 1, 1970

Svea Rike

For those who want to protect a foundation built early in the game, Mark Johnson proposed this interesting scoring variant.

One of the complaints heard about this Swedish Game of the Year is that it is too easy to ‘gang-up’ on the leader by utilizing a barrage of nasty event cards and hammering a once promising victory point tally until it resembles the scoring capabilities of the abysmal New Orleans Saints offense.  This is a legitimate concern as it is very easy in this game for a player to be doing very well and have accumulated an impressive number of victory points, but to be set upon by carnivorous opponents in the latter stages of the game and have most of his victory points removed and/or stolen away.  Since victory goes to the player with the highest amount of victory points only AT THE END of the game, a player’s accomplishments and superior play during the course of the game could easily be for nought.

Mark Johnson of California has suggested a possible solution to this problem. His idea is simple:  Tally victory points at the end of each of the three epochs and keep a cumulative total to determine the victor following the third epoch.  Thus, a player who has accomplished much in the early epoch(s) still has that foundation and victory point tally to fall back on, or build on, during the latter stages of the game. 

Our group has tried this variant but found that it does have a flaw.  That is, if one player gets hammered near the end of an epoch, his point total for that epoch will be severely hampered.  Since points are cumulative, that player will have a difficult time making up the lost ground. 

Ty Douds of Florida has suggested another idea.  Simply grant the leader of each epoch 1 additional point following that epoch.  This rewards good play, but doesn’t cause a runaway.  Not a bad idea.

20 GOLD = 1 VICTORY POINT:  In a continuing effort to reward good play and prevent the total destruction of a leader during the final epochs, Andy Daglish has proposed the following variant:

At any point during a player’s turn, he may exchange 20 gold pieces for 1 victory point.  This one victory point is recorded and cannot be taken away from that player.

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